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The B-hyve Ag system allows you to control and monitor your pivots from anywhere in the world with the convenience of your smart device. Ultimate Control with NO annual fees! Computer or Mechanical Panels – it doesn’t matter. B-hyve AG is compatible with any Valley®, Zimmatic®, or Reinke® pivot panel. Long Range Wifi The B-hyve Ag base station at your home, shop or office connects to the Internet – then broadcasts the Internet for miles to your pivots. One Touch Mapping Setting up stops, VRI, and End Gun controls has never been easier – just tap on the map of your pivot. Misalignment Detection When B-hyve AG detects a safety error, it checks to see which tower is out of line and sends you an alert. Internet, Even in the Field Set up a camera to monitor your pumps and tanks, connect moisture and temperature sensors, or even stream Netflix® on your phone – without using any cellular data.


Collaborate with a small development team as a UI/UX Designer to launch the B-hyve Ag App. My main roll was to design the user onboarding flow and improve the main navigation of the app. The B-hyve Ag app has two main users: The Farmer owner and the contractor. The contractor is the person who usually installs the B-hyve Ag system for the Farmer owner to control and monitor his/her pivot irrigation systems with any Android, iOS, or web browser from anywhere in the world.  

I started by gathering information from my team and the product owner. Information such project requirements, deadline, general information about the user: Farmer and Contractor. Meet up with hardware engineers, iOS and Android Developers to see how they would approach the onboarding flow from their technical perspective. Conduct online research to learn more about our users and competitors. 

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