Teleport App


People do not have privacy anymore on social media.


I noticed that In 2017, most popular social media platforms we trying to incorporate Livestream capabilities to their social media apps. I also noticed that people were complaining online about not having privacy anymore. I took this problem as an opportunity to create a social media app that allow people to get their privacy back. 


After talking to around 40 users (16 – 35 age), I found out that younger users didn’t really care about privacy but older users did care about their data and privacy. 


Teleport is a social media app that allows people to control and get back their privacy. The app allows people to do group calls with up to 15 users at the same time. In addition, Teleport allows people to keep their group livestreams in private or public online. In addition, Teleport has a personal assistant (voice) at the center of the app.