Assets to obtain for brand identity design projects

It is important to have a professional brand identity design and guidelines for your company. Without guidelines, it is difficult to maintain the brand identity consistency.  A brand identity design should last at least 10 years before it looks outdated. When hiring a graphic designer for a logo design, brand identity design or brand identity system, the client should ask for guidelines. A good brand identity design contains the following native files “Logo Design and Guidelines.

The logo design native files should be an illustrator file ( As a client you should receive at least 2 versions of the same logo from the graphic designer, a vertical and a stack version. Each version should be available as .ai .svg .jpg and .png in color, black and white. Also, if you order a tagline, expect another logo design vertical and a stack version with tagline. Each version should be available as .ai .svg .jpg and .png in color, black and white. Note: A unique brand identity (logo design) has to be different specially from your competitors. To be different is a brand strategy, it will help your customers to find your products or services when they are ready to buy.

A Identity Guideline is a (.pdf) file, it is design to help internal staff of a company to manage and maintain the identity design (logo design) consistency. It is a very specific file that informs on how to use and how not to use the logo design. It focus only on logo usage, Colour palette, Typographic style, (font family & default fonts for web use)

We believe a business card is the perfect place to test the new corporate identity (logo design). Every designer works differently make sure to double check the “contract” there might be additional charges to obtain brand guidelines. Designers and design agencies usually partner with printing companies that have the right equipment to make your corporate collateral stand out from competitors.

At Genius Design, we provide Logo Design Services (brand identity design). When working with us: We do have an hourly rate but we estimate Brand Design projects in advance on a flat fee. We love what we do, we work for good people with passion and personal commitment.

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