1. Co-branding – 2 corporation brands partnering to become more successful to achieve a certain goal.

2. Cause branding – The cause of  branding will align with social causes like charity corporations, charity social media site, etc.

3. Country branding – This type of  branding has one main goal and that is to bring tourists and businesses to a country.

4. Personal Branding – The reputation of an individual, it is mostly built by itself. This applies to professional and non professional individuals. A Personal Branding is the perception to an individual from others, it can ether be positive or negative.

5. Digital Branding – This is probably the most common type of branding, because we interact with it every day, in commercial websites, social media sites and search engine optimization. Google, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, etc. are good examples of Digital Branding.

Genius Design is a brand consulting and design firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We define, differentiate and help companies to express their unique brand message through brand identities, branding and design. When working with us: We do have an hourly rate but we estimate branding projects in advance on a flat fee. We work with passion, integrity and personal commitment.

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