Naming a business is one of the most important things. An ideal business name should convey the value, expertise and uniqueness of the business, product or service. A good business name should be simple, informative and memorable. The name has to be flexible for future growth of the company. A business name needs to appeals not only to the founder but also to the kind of customers your brand will try to attract.

Qualities of an effective name: A good business name is Meaningful, Distinctive, Modular, Future-Oriented, Visual, Positive andProtectable. There are 7 types of business names: 1. The name of the founder. 2. A Descriptive business convey the nature of the business and what business does, an example is E*Trade or Toys”R” US.  3. A Metaphor business name, a good example is Amazon or Zappos. 4. A Fabricated business name is made up of a name but it requires a big amount of capital to invest for recognition. A good example is Kodak or Pinterest.  5. A Magic Spell business name alter a word’s to create a protectable name. A good example is Netflix, or Tumblr. 6. An Acronym business name is difficult to remember and copyright. A good example is MoMA, CNN, AARP. 7. Some of the best business names are a combination of names such: Citibank.

Genius Design provide Naming Services for brand identity design projects. When working with us: We do have an hourly rate but we estimate naming projects in advance on a flat fee. We love what we do, we work for good people with passion and personal commitment.

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