A week ago I decided to attend to networking business events, and I am surprised many entrepreneurs, small companies, startups and even some networking business groups do not have a solid brand identity system. Yes, all of them have a logo, colors they love on their brand marketing collateral but their brands lack of brand consistency throughout their brand touch-points. It is very interesting that many business owners are not familiar with the word brand identity system. I believe this is an opportunity for graphic designers with brand development expertise to approach small business owners in Utah and help them develop a solid brand identity system. A solid brand identity system is a unique logo, mark, symbol, brand colors, brand look and feel, brand imagery, patterns and brand guidelines. But how important is to have a brand identity with brand guidelines? A solid identity system is one of the most important things for small, median and large business. A brand identity establish a significant differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. For the small business owner a brand identity might seem as a liability. But is important to understand that a brand identity system is actually a brand asset. Why? A brand identity system can help a company to gain loyal customers, it provides direction on how to manage the brand identity consistency and it helps to differentiate a brand from competitors.

After every networking event I make sure to follow up with an email to all of the entrepreneurs and business owners I met. I send them a “thank you note” just to let them know that it was my pleasure to meet them and talked to them. The ones who answered their email did not had brand signature on the email. It is extremely important to manage your brand touch points. A brand touch points are extremely important because they are opportunities for your brand to shine. Brand touch points are an opportunity to advertise your brand, deliver your brand message and brand promise to your customers. What are brand touch points? A brand touch points is the interactions customers have with a brand. Existing customers and potential customers interactions can be on-line and off-line. Online brand touch-point are such: email signature, brand website, advertising and social media platforms. Off-line brand touch points are such: a business card, brochure, brand collateral, trade show, print advertising (magazine), car wraps, logo sign, etc.

It is important that your brand is memorable and unique. Your brand identity, brand guidelines, brand message and brand consistency should be throughout all your brand touch-points to help your brand be seen as special, strong and memorable.

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