Many companies strive for a better customer experience online and offline but they lack of connect emotionally with their customers. Our latest technology allow us to track every customer interaction on websites and gather data to create better customer experiences and improve customer satisfaction. It is important to establish customer loyalty programs to obtain loyal customers and increase revenue.

A new research across hundreds of brands shows that brands have to go beyond customer satisfaction and connect with customers emotions in order to maximize customer value. The research published at Harvard Business Review suggest that brands need to tap into customers "unspoken emotional needs" in order to align the brand with customers perception. It is necessary to fulfill customers deep needs to maximize customer loyalty. How brands can fulfill customers unspoken needs? The new science of customer emotions is based on understanding customers, their behaviors, and their emotional drivers to position the brand in a way that it resonates to a specific audience.

In general brands can help customers project unique social identities and make them feel important since customers want to be seem as special. Brands should focus on creating a positive perception of the future, take action to improve the environment, affiliate with people that inspire their customers, participate in exciting events, have self-improvement programs, create a brand promise that goes beyond materialistic or financial measures, and keep the brand promise.

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