Brand Disruption and Brand Perception is changing the way customers interact with brands. The Brand Perception or Branding is not a new word, but it is definitely more important now than ever in 2017 digital disruptive marketplace.

Let’s be clear, your brand is not your logo, non ether your product, service or website. Your brand is everything and everyone who interacts with your brand. Your brand is made of a brand promise, customers, combination of visual and emotional attributes that create a brand perception. It distinguish your brand from competitors. Your brand is: your employees, shareholders, customers, partners, vendors, etc.

Brand Digital Disruption is changing the way brands are manage. The Old Brand Communication Model use to be: Sender -> Message -> Receiver. There was not feedback from the Receiver (customers) for the company to know how well the brand was performing.

Now, in the digital disruptive marketplace brands need to listen and be ready for rapid change. The New Brand Communication Model is a cycle as follow: Sender -> Message -> Receiver and it repeats in the same order. The New Brand Communication Model is an opportunity for brands to connect with customers. We believe brands should take advantage of the New Communication Model. Social media platforms allow brands to serve better and gather information about how customers behave with products and services. It is important to deliver your brand promise, engage in a dialog with your customers and maintain the brand consistency.

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