What exactly do you need to position your brand for success? Your brand needs a brand identity system, brand messaging, a unique selling proposition, brand mission and vision statement. I believe it is necessary to clarify the term branding. Corporate branding is not a simple logo. Corporate branding is more than a logo, it clarifies, aligns customers perception with a brand mission and vision statement. It is executed through a brand identity system and brand messaging.

A brand identity system is the brand identity (logo design) that express the fundamental essence of an organization, service or product. A brand identity is the visual manifestation of the brand existence. The brand identity system has specific colors based on research, typographic style, look and feel of the brand and supportive graphics for the brand identity such: patterns, icons, etc.

Brand messaging is the language use to inspire, persuade, motivate customers to buy a certain product or services.

A brand vision and brand mission are the essential elements of every business. The brand mission and vision affects a company revenue and perception from customers. Let’s begin with a brand vision: a brand vision is basically the ability to see the future through customer eyes.

A brand mission explains the company reason for its existence. A brand mission should be short, it should inspire, differentiate the brand from competitors, and it should be sweet. The brand mission activates a brand. It allows a brand to grow and it helps a brand to be reinvented. The brand mission acts as a guide for the actions of an organization or company. A brand mission brings innovation and differentiates the brand from competitors.

A brand selling proposition can help you to differentiate your brand. We are looking for only one reason, a compelling proposition that no other company can say they have. Remember it has to be a unique statement. Here is an exercise, give it a try, fill out the “offering”, “category” and “benefit” of your brand.

The Onliness Statement by Marty Neumeier.

The brand mission and vision are often combine to align a company culture, purpose, goals and values. A competitive brand has a strong/flexible brand identity system, culture, brand messaging, a unique selling proposition, brand mission and vision statement.

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