We provide graphic design services for Utah small to medium size businesses. When it comes to graphic design services we are the firm to trust. We believe visual efficiency is more important than ever for your brand. At Genius Design Brand Recognition, Brand Consistency and Brand Visual Efficiency is extremely important. For that reason when we work in graphic design projects for our clients we follow their brand guidelines to maintain their brand consistency.

When we start a design project our graphic designers meet with the clients to understand the project details. It is important for us to meet our clients business goals. We are problem solvers, we use graphic design to help businesses to communicate their brand message and ideas.

Our graphic design process is as follow:

  1. Meet with the client to understand about the project details and business goals.
  2. Create a detailed project document that defines the scope of work, process, schedule, and total price.
  3. Brainstorm ideas with your business goals in mind.
  4. Go back to brainstorm ideas (As needed to solve the business problem).
  5. Design concepts and present them to the client.
  6. Refine accepted design concepts and send them back to the client.
  7. Finalized the project and send it to be printed.

We are a brand design consultancy based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We work for local, national and global brands. When working with us in your next graphic design project we will define and solve your design problems based on your business goal’s. Our mission is to improve your brand. We do have an hourly rate but we estimate graphic design projects in advance on a flat fee. We love what we do, we work for good people with passion and personal commitment.

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