Mascota App Project

About the project

In 2019, I was part of a competing team at Disrupt SF 2019 Hackathon. The 3 day Hackathon was sponsored by Filestack, Humana, Kinship InterSystems, United Airlines, Snapchat, Amazon Web services and many more companies. The Hackathon took place at Moscone North, San Francisco, CA.   My team was made of 2 frontend developers: Pride Tafadzwa from South Africa, Sana Jahan from California, 2 backend developers: Karan Joshi from Ohio, Chi Moua from Washington and myself a UI/UX Designer from Utah. We decided to focus on creating a hack using Kinship API database. Kinship is making the lives of pets and owners better through evolution in science.  After talking to members from Kinship we identify the biggest challenge pets are currently facing in United States: Adoption. Theres not enough people adopting pets (dogs).


I begin by talking to random people at the Hackathon to understand why they don’t adopt pets. I also went online to do a research to understand more about the problem. After a few hours I learned that most people have a busy life and that’s one of the main reasons why they don’t adopt pets. Most people mentioned that they don’t have much time to take care of pets because of work. People who actually have pets (dogs) mentioned that it is a challenge to take their pets for walks.

That inspired our main idea: To create a mobile app that would allow pet owners to connect with local dog borrowers or people who want to enjoy the experience of owning a dog without actually owning one. The idea was to influence pet borrowers to adopt a pet, by simply suggest him/her available pets to adopt. 

User needs, User flow & Wireframe 

I started by writing a list of all the essential needs for each user: The Pet Owner & Pet Borrower. Then, I did a basic user flow and simple sketches to get feedback from my team. We decided to named our mobile app: Mascota, it means pet in Spanish. After that I designed a few UI Designs for the front-end developers, a quick brand mark and a logo for the app.  

After the Hackathon 

On the link below you can find a demo of the Mascota Web App. After the Hackathon I decided to keep working on this project, specially on improving the User Interface for each user. We did not won any prize with our Hack  but it was a good experience.   

Pet Owner User Interface

Pet Borrower User Interface



UI/UX Design