Product UI/UX Design Course

Learn the essential skills you need to become a Product UI/UX Designer, step-by-step.

Product UI/UX Design Course for graphic designers

Product UI/UX Design Course 

You’ll learn:

Phase 1: UI/UX Design Process

1.What is user experience design and why is it important?
2. Principles of UX design.
3. How to do user research.
4. How to analyze the Information of your user investigations.
5. Ideation.


Phase 2: Sketch Essentials

1. How to make prototypes with Sketch.
2. Usability tests.
3. Best practices of user interface design on iOS and Android platform.
4. Collaboration with iOS developers and Android developers: Using Slack, Sketch, Craft InVision and InVision.

Phase 3: Let’s build a project for your portfolio

1. Portfolio – Mobile app project


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Antonio Hernandez


Instructor Biography

Antonio Hernandez (b.1991) is a product designer from Mexico, currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated in 2016 from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. His career began before he graduated from the University of Utah by working as a graphic designer for the Natural History Museum of Utah (2015).  In 2016, he went to work as a graphic designer for BWP Communications. BWP Communications is an advertising agency that specializes in launching products, repositioning brands and creating advertising campaigns. Later, he pursue his passion for startups and went to work for Mobile Coach a cutting-edge, market-leading, enterprise-grade chatbot authoring and management platform. Currently he collaborates with the B-hyve team as a Product Designer at Orbit Irrigation. The B·hyve app allows you to control or monitor your sprinklers from anywhere in the world with the convenience of your smart device.


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